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The Fund aims to provide long-term capital growth by investing primarily in Canadian equity securities. The Fund may also invest in gold,gold certificates, silver certificates and certain gold/silver ETFs.

Five Key Reasons To Own This Fund:
  Proven investment management expertise Proven, long-term track record in managing Canadian balanced and equity portfolios
  Diversification Offers a diversified portfolio of primarily Canadian equities, with the ability to invest up to 49% outside Canada; Additional diversification through an allocation (up to 10%) in gold and silver bullion; A mix of small, medium and large capitalization companies
  Core portfolio holding for Canadian Investors The 'GO CANADA!' thesis expects continued growth from the Canadian economy and in particular Canadian equities; Canada continues to have one of the strongest economies of the G7
  Lower volatility An investment process that focuses on downside protection as much as capital appreciation
  Commitment to service Canoe Financial is committed to providing exceptional client service and is proud to partner with top-tier Investment Advisors and Financial Planners across Canada


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