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EnerVest Energy and Oil Sands Total Return Trust aims maximize total return through capital appreciation in the portfolio by investing in issuers involved directly or indirectly in the development of the oil sands and whose business is directly or indirectly related to the acquisition, mining, development, extraction, processing, production, marketing, transportation, supply and sale of products and resources from the oil sands, as well as suppliers to oil sands projects who derive a portion of their revenue and net earnings from sales of products or provision of services to issuers participating in the oil sands projects in Canada, and traditional oil and gas royalty trusts and similar issuers; and to provide Unitholders with income from monthly cash distributions.

Five Key Reasons To Own This Fund:
  The Canadian oil sands have an estimated proven recoverable reserve of 175 billion barrels, which is second in the world only to Saudi Arabia.
  US and global demand for oil is increasing.
  Canada is the largest supplier of oil to the US market.
  The growth rate in global oil production is declining.
  Canadian oil production is expected to expand over the next few decades, largely from oil.


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