Closed-End FundsCanoe EIT Income Fund

Fund Profile and Investment Objectives

Canoe EIT Income Fund (formerly EnerVest Diversified Income Trust) aims to maximize monthly distributions relative to risk and maximize Net Asset Value, while maintaining and expanding a diversified investment portfolio, primarily through acquiring, investing, holding, transferring, disposing of or otherwise dealing with or in equity and debt securities of royalty and income trusts, corporations, partnerships, or other issuers.

Five Key Reasons To Own This Fund:
  Diversification Broad range of income producing asset classes to stabilize returns.
  Attractive Yield Attractive market yield with the prospect of capital appreciation.
  Track Record Committed to building a diversified income portfolio with a focus on providing reliable monthly distributions and growing the Trust’s net asset value.
  Leverage Enhance returns and seize market opportunities through strategic use of leverage.
  Commitment to Service Timely and meaningful information about the Fund’s holdings, performance, profile and the manager’s market point of view.


EIT Income

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