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Securityholders in Canoe Financial Mutual Funds Approve Fixed Administration Fee and Other Changes

CALGARY, December 20, 2013 – Canoe Financial LP, one of the fastest growing mutual fund companies in Canada, announced today that at an adjourned meeting held on December 20, 2013, securityholders in its Canoe Bond Advantage Class, Canoe Enhanced Income Class, Canoe Canadian Monthly Income Class, Canoe Canadian Asset Allocation Class, Canoe North American Monthly Income Class, Canoe Equity Income Class, Canoe Energy Income Class, Canoe Equity Class and Canoe Energy Class (the “Funds”) approved a proposal to establish a fixed rate administration fee, effective January 1, 2014.  The administration fee replaces most operating expenses incurred by the Funds except certain Fund costs such as applicable taxes, interest and borrowing costs, directors and trustee fees, Independent Review Committee (IRC) costs, the costs of complying with any new regulatory requirements or with any material change to existing regulatory requirements and fees and expenses for certain types of securityholder meetings.

Canoe Financial may, in some years and in certain cases, pay a portion of a Fund’s administration fee or Fund costs.  The decision to absorb the administration fee or Fund costs is reviewed periodically and determined at the discretion of Canoe Financial, without notice to securityholders.

Securityholders in the Funds also voted in favor of the resolution to amend the redemption rights of these Funds to give Canoe Financial broader authority to redeem investors from the Funds where the holding of securities by an investor is, in Canoe Financial’s reasonable opinion, detrimental to the Fund or as otherwise determined by Canoe Financial, including in connection with a reorganization or winding-up of the Fund or otherwise. This change takes effect immediately.

A complete list of the mutual funds that are subject to these changes, along with additional information, is available at www.canoefinancial.com.

About Canoe Financial LP
Canoe Financial is an investment management firm focused on building financial wealth for Canadians through investing in Canada. Its ‘GO CANADA!’ ® investment thesis reflects Canoe’s strategic confidence in Canada as a place to invest. With continued global urbanization, increasing worldwide demand for resources, and Canada’s sound fiscal structure, Canoe believes this country provides long-term growth potential for investors.
Canoe Financial is one of Canada’s fastest-growing mutual fund companies and currently manages approximately $2.0 billion in assets as at November 30, 2013 through its investment products. To learn more, visit www.canoefinancial.com.

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