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Canoe Financial Announces Changes to Mutual Funds Impacted by the 2013 Federal Budget Announcement

CALGARY, ALBERTA - April 26, 2013 – Canoe Financial LP, one of the fastest growing mutual fund companies in Canada, today announced changes to four of its mutual funds impacted by the recent March 21, 2013 Federal Budget.  In the budget, the government proposed to eliminate the tax benefits associated with forward contracts used by some investment funds to achieve capital gains treatment on income that would otherwise be classified as ordinary income, referred to as “character conversion transactions.”  The budget proposal applies to any forward contracts with terms exceeding 180 days that are entered into on or after March 21, 2013. 

Given the current low interest rate environment and the inability to upsize the forward, Canoe Financial has determined that the cost of the character conversion transactions outweigh the tax advantage to investors.  As a result, Canoe Financial has terminated the forward contract for Canoe Bond Advantage Class and is in the process of terminating the forward contract for Canoe Enhanced Income Class.  Neither Canoe Bond Advantage Class nor Canoe Enhanced Income Class will enter into any further character conversion transactions.  Canoe Strategic High Yield Class and Canoe North American Monthly Income Class have not, and will not, enter into forward contracts.  Instead, all four of these funds will invest primarily in securities similar to those held by their reference fund and/or, subject to regulatory approvals, in securities of their reference fund. An application is being made to Canadian securities regulators to permit the amendment to the investment objectives to remove all references to the character conversion transactions and allow for direct investment in the reference fund or in securities of mutual funds. Canoe Financial will not cap sales on any of its mutual funds. 

It is important to note that the budget measures do not directly affect the structure of mutual fund corporations, or corporate class funds.  The fundamental benefits of corporate class funds remain, including tax-deferred switching and re-balancing between funds.

About Canoe Financial LP
Canoe Financial is an investment management firm focused on building financial wealth for Canadians through investing in Canada. Its ‘GO CANADA!’ investment thesis reflects Canoe’s strategic confidence in Canada as a place to invest. With continued global urbanization, increasing worldwide demand for resources, and Canada’s sound fiscal structure, Canoe believes this country provides long-term growth potential for investors.

Canoe is one of Canada’s fastest-growing mutual fund companies and currently manages approximately $1.7 billion in assets as at March 31, 2013 through its investment products. To learn more about Canoe Financial, visit www.canoefinancial.com.

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