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Canoe 2014 Flow-Through LP Announces Rollover of CDE Portfolio & Dissolution

CALGARY, ALBERTA, February 16, 2016 – Canoe 2014 Flow-Through LP (the "Partnership") announces that, effective February 12, 2016, the tax-deferred transfer of the assets relating to the CDE Units of the Partnership to Canoe ‘GO CANADA!®’ Fund Corp. (the “Fund Corp.”) has been completed and the Partnership has been dissolved effective February 16, 2016.

As a result of the foregoing, each limited partner of the Partnership holding CDE Units received approximately 0.889760 Series A shares of Canoe Energy Class (the “Fund”) of the Fund Corp. at a net asset value of $8.12 per Series A share for each CDE unit held in the Partnership.  The net asset value per CDE Unit on rollover was $7.23 (rounded) per Unit.

The Fund’s investment objective is to provide long-term capital growth through investments in securities related to the energy sector. The Fund invests primarily in companies that are involved in the exploration, development and production of oil and natural gas in Canada and abroad and in companies which service such industries.  The Fund is managed by Canoe Financial Senior Portfolio Manager, Rafi G. Tahmazian, and Associate Portfolio Manager, David Szybunka.

In addition to the Fund, the Canoe ‘GO CANADA!®’ Fund Corp. has 13 additional fund classes: Bond Advantage Class, Enhanced Income Class, Global Income Class, Strategic High Yield Class, Canadian Monthly Income Class, Canadian Asset Allocation Class, North American Monthly Income Class, Equity Income Class, Equity Class, U.S. Equity Income Class, Global Equity Income Class, Global Opportunities Class and Energy Income Class, allowing investors to switch between share classes on a tax-deferred basis.   

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Founded in 2008, Canoe Financial LP is an investment management firm focused on building financial wealth for Canadians. Canoe is Canada’s fastest-growing independent mutual fund company and manages approximately $3 billion in assets across a diversified range of award-winning mutual funds, flow-through limited partnerships and private energy equity products. Canoe has expanded from its Calgary head office to across Canada, including a significant presence in Toronto and offices in Vancouver, Winnipeg and Ottawa. To learn more about Canoe Financial and its investment products, visit

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