Fund Facts

On October 23, 2018, Fiera Capital Corporation (“Fiera Capital”) announced that it had entered into an agreement with Canoe Financial LP (“Canoe”) pursuant to which Canoe has agreed to acquire the rights to manage the Fiera Capital Mutual Funds and thereby become the manager, trustee and portfolio manager of the Fiera Capital Mutual Funds. 

On February 22, 2019 Canoe announced that it has completed  the acquisition of the investment fund management contracts for nine Fiera Capital Mutual Funds from Fiera Capital Corporation (“Fiera Capital”). 

Fiera Capital Simplified Prospectus
FIera Capital Simplified Proepectus Amendment (November 2, 2018)
Annual Information Form
Annual Information Form Amendment (November 2, 2018)

Former Fiera Capital Funds Series 

Canoe Canadian Small Mid Cap Fund
(formerly Fiera Capital Equity Growth Fund )

A | F | D | O
Canoe Global Equity Fund
(formerly Canoe Fiera Capital Global Equity Fund)
A | F | D | O | UA | UF 
Canoe International Equity Fund
(formerly Fiera Capital International Equity)
A | F |  D | O
Canoe Defensive Global Equity Fund
(formerly Fiera Capital Defensive Global Equity Fund)
A | F | D | O | UA | UF 
Fixed Income Funds Series
Canoe Bond Advantage Fund A  |  F  |  O
Canoe Bond Advantage Portfolio Class A  |  F
Canoe Global Income Fund A  |  F  |  I  |  O  |  X  |  AX  |  AY  |  FX  |  FY
Canoe Global Income Portfolio Class A  |  F
Canoe Credit Opportunities Fund  A  |  F  |  I  |  AX  |  FX
Canoe Credit Opportunities Portfolio Class A  |  F
Balanced Funds Series
Canoe Enhanced Income Fund A  |  F  |  I  |  FX
Canoe Enhanced Income Portfolio Class A  |  F
Canoe North American Monthly Income Portfolio Class A  |  F  |  X  |  Z  |  AX  |  AZFX
Canoe Asset Allocation Portfolio Class
(formerly Canoe Canadian Asset Allocation Class)
A  |  F  |  T6  |  F6  |  Z

Canoe Global All Cap Portfolio Class
(formerly Canoe Equity Income Portfolio Class)

A | F | X | Y | Z | AX | FX 
Equity Funds Series
Canoe Premium Income Fund  A  |  F  |  I
Canoe U.S. Equity Income Portfolio Class A  |  F
Canoe Global All Cap Portfolio Class
(formerly Canoe Global Equity Income Class)
A  |  F  |  I  |  X  |  XX  |  AX  |  AY  |  FX  |  FY
Canoe Equity Portfolio Class A  |  F  |  T6  |  F6
Sector/Specialty Funds Series
Canoe Energy Income Portfolio Class A  |  F
Canoe Energy Portfolio Class A  |  F  |  O