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Canoe Corporate Class Funds offer the potential for growth and income, combined with enhanced tax efficiencies.

Benefits of Canoe Corporate Class Funds

Tax-efficient income:

There are different ways you can earn income on an investment: through interest income, dividends, capital gains, and return of capital. Each type of income is taxed differently. Corporate Class dividends are in the form of capital gains or dividend income - currently the most tax-efficient sources of income.

Tax-efficient growth:

Working with your financial advisor or tax professional, you can take advantage of the opportunity to use capital losses in some Corporate Class mutual funds to offset gains in other Corporate Class funds.

Tax-efficient cash flow:

Canoe Series T6 funds offer investors the ability to access tax-efficient cash flow from Canoe Corporate Class funds as it is treated as return of capital.

In the 2016 Budget, effective January  2017 the tax-deferred switching of shares of one mutual fund for shares of another mutual fund where both mutual funds are part of the same mutual fund corporation (corporate class structure), has been eliminated. However, switches between series of the same mutual fund are still allowed on a tax-deferred basis.  Note:  this change will have no impact when corporate class funds are held in a registered plan.

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Why is tax-efficiency important?

Of the three potential investment impacts - taxes, management expense ratios (MERs) and inflation - taxes represent the biggest impediment to wealth accumulation.*

This chart demonstrates the benefits of an investment taxed at a corporate tax rate versus an investment taxed at a dividend tax rate or interest tax rate. 

Tax-efficient Growth of $10,000 Invested**

*Source: The Canadian Securities Institute.

**Assumptions: For all scenarios, we have assumed a pre-tax rate of return of 6.5% and all income reinvested. For the corporate class scenario, we have assumed a reinvested annual capital gains dividend of 5%, taxed at an effective rate of 26.8%. The dividend-paying scenario assumes eligible dividends are received and taxed annually at 39.3% . The interest-paying scenario assumes interest is taxed annually at 56.5%. Taxable dividends may also be paid to investors. We have assumed 2016 Ontario provincial tax rates for the purpose of this document. The tax rate applicable to an investor will vary based on the provincial tax rate applicable to them. For illustrative purposes only. 

Canoe Corporate Class Funds List

Fund F A LL T6 T6 LL F6
Canoe Bond Advantage Class GOC703 GOC701 GOC702 - - -
Canoe Global Income Class GOC1203 GOC1201 GOC1202 - - -
Canoe Enhanced Income Class  GOC903 GOC901 GOC902 - - -
Canoe Strategic High Yield Class GOC5003 GOC5001 GOC5002 - - -
Canoe Canadian Monthly Income Class GOC203 GOC201 GOC202 GOC204 GOC205 GOC2036
Canoe North American Monthly Income Class  GOC6003 GOC6001 GOC6002 - - -
Canoe Canadian Asset Allocation Class  GOC303 GOC301 GOC302 GOC304 GOC305 GOC3036
Canoe Equity Income Class GOC1003 GOC1001 GOC1002 - - -
Canoe Equity Class GOC403 GOC401 GOC402 GOC404 GOC405 GOC4036
Canoe U.S. Equity Income Class GOC1103 GOC1101 GOC1102 - - -
Canoe U.S. Equity Income Class 
(USD Purchase Option)
GOC11113 GOC11111 GOC11112 - - -
Canoe Global Equity Income Class GOC9003 GOC9001 GOC9002 - - -
Canoe Energy Income Class GOC2003 GOC2001 GOC2002 - - -
Canoe Energy Class GOC503 GOC501 GOC502 - - -

2017 Distributions

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