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Investor Relations
Toll-Free: 1-877-434-2796

Client / Dealer Services
320 Bay Street
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Attention: Unitholder Record Keeping Dept.
Fax: 1-416-643-3655 or 1-855-884-0493

Alliance Trust Company
Alliance is the transfer agent for Canoe EIT Income Fund, registered unitholders should contact Alliance at 403-237-6111.

CIBC Mellon Global Securities Services Company
CIBC Mellon provides client services for the following:

  • Canoe Bond Advantage Fund
  • Canoe Bond Advantage Class
  • Canoe Enhanced Income Fund
  • Canoe Enhanced Income Class
  • Canoe Global Income Fund
  • Canoe Global Income Class
  • Canoe Strategic High Yield Fund
  • Canoe Strategic High Yield Class
  • Canoe Canadian Monthly Income Class
  • Canoe Canadian Asset Allocation Class
  • Canoe North American Monthly Income Class
  • Canoe Equity Income Class
  • Canoe Equity Class
  • Canoe U.S. Equity Income Class
  • Canoe Global Equity Income Class
  • Canoe Global Value Class
  • Canoe Energy Income Class
  • Canoe Energy Class
  • EnerVest Natural Resource Fund Ltd.

Please call 1-800-250-3303 for all matters relating specifically to your account. If you own EnerVest Natural Resource Fund Ltd. through the roll-over of an EnerVest Flow Through Share Limited Partnership, please visit our FTS Tax Information section for Adjusted Cost Base and Conversion Factor details.

EIT Income

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    *Total distributions since inception.
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    For Canoe EIT Income Fund (EIT.UN), ‘current cash yield’ means the annual cash distribution for the fund (currently $1.20 per unit) divided by its market price. Annual cash distributions may be made up in whole or in part by interest, dividends or return of capital. You should not draw any conclusions about the fund’s investment performance from the amount or percentage of this distribution. Approximately seventy percent of total distributions are reinvested in the fund. Commissions, trailing commissions, management fees and expenses all may be associated with investment funds. Please read the fund’s prospectus or the information filed about the fund on before investing. Investment funds are not guaranteed, their values change frequently and past performance may not be repeated. Our communications, websites and tweets are not to be construed as a public offering to sell, or a solicitation of an offer to buy securities. Information is for review purposes only, and investors should consult their registered Investment Advisor for complete details and risk factors on specific strategies and various investment products, prior to making any investment decision.