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Calgary - Head Office
Suite 3900, 350 - 7th Avenue S.W.
Calgary, Alberta T2P 3N9
Toll-Free: 1-800-459-3384
Fax: 1-403-571-5554

Investor Relations
Toll-Free: 1-877-434-2796

10 King Street East, Suite 1500
Toronto, Ontario M5C 1C3

Client / Dealer Services
320 Bay Street
Ground Floor - Office Services
Toronto, Ontario M5H 4A6
Attention: Unitholder Record Keeping Dept.
Fax: 1-416-643-3655

Alliance Trust Company
Alliance is the transfer agent for Canoe EIT Income Fund, registered unitholders should contact Alliance at 403-237-6111.

CIBC Mellon Global Securities Services Company
CIBC Mellon provides client services for the following:

  • Canoe Bond Advantage Fund
  • Canoe Bond Advantage Class
  • Canoe Enhanced Income Fund
  • Canoe Enhanced Income Class
  • Canoe Global Income Fund
  • Canoe Strategic High Yield Fund
  • Canoe Strategic High Yield Class
  • Canoe Canadian Monthly Income Class
  • Canoe Canadian Asset Allocation Class
  • Canoe North American Monthly Income Class
  • Canoe Equity Income Class
  • Canoe Equity Class
  • Canoe U.S Equity Income Class
  • Canoe Global Equity Income Class
  • Canoe Global Value Class
  • Canoe Energy Income Class
  • Canoe Energy Class
  • EnerVest Natural Resource Fund Ltd.

Please call 1-800-250-3303 for all matters relating specifically to your account. If you own EnerVest Natural Resource Fund Ltd. through the roll-over of an EnerVest Flow Through Share Limited Partnership, please visit our FTS Tax Information section for Adjusted Cost Base and Conversion Factor details.

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