Time to Repatriate Investments Back to Canada?

Rob Taylor, Senior Vice President and Portfolio Manager, discusses why now may be a good time to invest north or the border.

Rob Taylor - Why Canada?

Navigate the North with a 5 Star Performer

Canoe Equity Class is an actively managed Canadian equity solution that has consistently outperformed its benchmark and peers, net of fees.  

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Adaptive and Nimble, Balanced and Proven

Canoe Canadian Asset Allocation Class is tactically managed to take advantage of various periods in the market cycles.  It has a proven history of capturing market upside while insulating investors against drops during times of market volatility.

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All In One Solution For Income And Appreciation

Canoe North American Monthly Income Class is a conservatively managed balanced solution for North American exposure with a 5% targeted distribution paid monthly.

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About the Manager

Rob Taylor, CPA, CA, CFA
Senior Vice President & Portfolio Manager

  • Rob Taylor has more than 19 years of investment management and financial experience.
  • Award-winning portfolio manager with approximately $2.25 billion in AUM.
  • Specializes in North American Equities, and is the lead manager for Canoe’s asset mix committee.  
  • Champion of Canoe’s core principles which are; being active, independent and focused.
  • His investment results contributed to Canoe winning the Best Overall Fund Group at the 2017 Lipper Awards.